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developer:Immo Schulz Gerlach
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platform: Windows, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 3.x, Windows NT 4.x, Windows XP
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Isg WaveSqueezer

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Description:   Isg WaveSqueezer is a graphical user interface (front end) to operate nearly any WAV-to-MP3-converter that is normally operated from a command line.

As it is delivered, Isg WaveSqueezer includes such a converter: LAME. With this, Isg WaveSqueezer is ready-to-go, but yet it can also be used with nearly any other command line operated WAV-to-MP3 encoder you may possess.

The aim of Isg WaveSqueezer is to make usage of a command line converter much more comfortable: You first collect the WAV-files to convert in Isg WaveSqueezer (either by choosing them with a File Open Dialog or by dragging them into the list directly from Windows Explorer or other file manager software. Then you specify a target directory on your harddrive where to write the MP3 files into. Isg WaveSqueezer remembers the 10 last used target directories for later reuse.
Then you may modify some conversion options (normally not necessary) and just press "start conversion", and WaveSqueezer will operate the command line converter all automatically.

Of course there are many encoders available that don't operate on a command line and thus don't need such an front end, but these are usually commercial software you have to pay for. Converters like LAME are free, and such is Isg WaveSqueezer. A MP3 encoding solution you don't have to pay for

Yet there exist many other front ends for LAME and other encoders. What makes Isg WaveSqueezer special among these is, that it is completely independent of a specific encoder: It may be used with nearly any converter operated via command line! The Converter Script System of Isg WaveSqueezer enables you to create your own list of available conversion options and to use even several different encoders: Before starting a conversion simply select the script to use, this determines the encoder to use and the encoding options! You may delete scripts you don't need and add new ones, so you can adapt Isg WaveSqueezer to your needs.

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